Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SUMMER 2011 ~ I'mma lovin it in every bit!

" This Summer, I'm a NO-BUMMER! I shall refuel my Passion, relive my Dreams, refresh my Goals. I shall do what I want, what I love and what it ought to be (as long as I'm Happy). I shall run the sweat, rush the blood and roll my ass out! Summer 2011 is the new Heaven! I'mma lovin' it in every bit! "
-My 2011 Summer Pledge

I came up with my 2011 Summer Must-Do's last April 7. Since it's innate to me to plan the day, the week, the month, the year... my life.

  • =) first-ever* SUMMER 2011 MUST DO'S!!! =D
Journal Update!!!
Reconnect with old friends =)
Learn new things!? =P
Explore new places!!!
Think... ACT on investment!!! =P =D
Join for a cause!

I know planning for whatever you shall do makes you a step ahead of the game. In fact I once read that a high percentage of your goal is bound to get fulfilled the moment you put it on a paper or just simply list it on something. That's because having it on-list gives you a chance of focusing on them more and with that focus you have a clear vision of what you really aspire for and thus your actions shall be based on those aspirations of yours.

Yeah yeah.. I know I'm sounding Idealist in there.
Having been planning for some time or I'll be honest... from the beginning of time, I know it concocted with my blood and now runs through my veins. That's how planning and I shared the times together.

One night, I just got so tired or sick or whatever that term is, of planning my life out.
I just never plan for my next days and let things went their own way.

I just live by the moment. I never think of what shall happen, what would I like to happen and what should I react to what might happen.

It gave me the serendipity. I experiencerd things I never thought would have happened. I discovered new feelings. I found new happiness. =)

But I know, leaving my innate planning instincts is impossible. And I never really hoped for that or planned for that. =) Since as some wise man have said, Failure to Plan, is Planning to Fail.

I just now learned to plan, and plan not to plan my life.

Sometimes it's better to just let things happen in your life. Without you planning for it.
Someone out there has absolutely planned life for you.
And I bet you, His plans are way better than yours.

*first-ever since my past 2 years in college I had summer class so I had limited summer vacation time =P