Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A never failing music for a failing me.


I love The Killers. But I am not a fan.
I love their Mr. Brightside. And that's the only song of theirs that I like and probably knew. (Along with Are we human?)
I like Brandon Flowers. But I don't love him as I do feel for Ely, Chito, and Rico and Gerard AND Liam...

I love Mr. Brightside. I am a fan.
I love Mr. Brightside. And I surely do know (every syllable of the word) and I like that song.
I like Mr. Brightside. I love him as I do and even do more...

I love having adventure. I love the landscape from a top of a building.
I love amazing pictures. But I am not amazing.
I am undefined. I will define. I shall define.
If I'm not the one, others would be the ones.
I might be more than amazing someday...

I love Mr.Brightside. I loved it more when I sung it on the 30th floor.
I love Mr. Brightside. But It does not love me.
It is undefined. But It will define. It shall define.
If It's not the one, others would be the ones.
It might be more than amazing someday.
It is more than amazing for me...

The point: There is no point in here! No point can "end" these sentence constructions for Mr.Brightside.
The point: Mr. Brightside has no point in here. No point can justify the end.

I never.
I'm coming out of my cage
Cause I'm Mr. Brightside
I just can't look
Open up my eager eyes.

Monday, March 14, 2011


March 14, 2011. Changes have been made. I don't know what drives me to go back to blogging. When in the first place, I never took it seriously. Yes I posted blahs, thoughts, rants, absurdities and randomness on this blog. Still I myself, didn't like it that much.

Firstly, it's a cumbersome thing to do for a lazybone like me.
Then, I am deprived of the connection from the world wide web.
And lastly, I just don't feel like the pressure of posting something here just for the sake of a "post".

But what the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

Well who cares?
This is MY blog.
I can do whatever I want as long as I'm in here.
I can ditch it like that and just be back whenever I want.


Sun will be here any minute/hours from now?!
So I better have my eyes shut for tomorrow's adventure!!!

You'll be seeing more of me.
So you better LOVE ME NOW