Monday, March 14, 2011


March 14, 2011. Changes have been made. I don't know what drives me to go back to blogging. When in the first place, I never took it seriously. Yes I posted blahs, thoughts, rants, absurdities and randomness on this blog. Still I myself, didn't like it that much.

Firstly, it's a cumbersome thing to do for a lazybone like me.
Then, I am deprived of the connection from the world wide web.
And lastly, I just don't feel like the pressure of posting something here just for the sake of a "post".

But what the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

Well who cares?
This is MY blog.
I can do whatever I want as long as I'm in here.
I can ditch it like that and just be back whenever I want.


Sun will be here any minute/hours from now?!
So I better have my eyes shut for tomorrow's adventure!!!

You'll be seeing more of me.
So you better LOVE ME NOW


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