Monday, August 8, 2011

A & Q

Why are you reading this?
Surely life can offer you better things than this.
Questions, questions, questions.

Why is the brain programmed to ask? Answers are just waiting to be found.
Yet the absolute answer-giver is yet to come.
Or is it really coming? Are answers shall be given?
Do all questions have answers ---- sensible, rational answers?
Or some questions are meant to be left alone hanging, unanswered?
Unanswered questions. Why do we need to be persistent in
looking for answers ---- answers that don't even want to show up.
Answers that are not even meant to answer. Answers that are not there.
Answers that are not meant to be known. Answers that were not.
 Answers that are not. Answers that shall not.

Don't look for answers! Let it chase you!
Do ask questions. Prepare to be chased.
Questions, questions, questions.
Want to exercise your answering ability?
See my upcoming entries.

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